Wholesale price of refined oil products would be greater scope for price cuts down gas station

Chinese Wholesalers Beijing Industry Association of refined oil in circulation by the Secretary-General Wang Shun, said nearly a month due to weather Beijing Oil Products more than 5% last month compared with an increase of the ring.

However, this year in Beijing since the amount of oil stocks has been higher than the general level, the market-based mechanism under the influence of Sinopec in oil and other only through participating in promotions, inventory reduced to an appropriate level in order to maintain the best results.

At present, the Development and Reform Commission provides a unified oil prices are''price ceiling'' Oil prices at all gas stations are based on market conditions, pricing at this price. Now gas stations have cut prices of various forms of ownership, on the one hand shows the existence of the various stations may be room for price cuts, the market situation has also forced the station through the low-cost strategies to stimulate sales.

On the other hand, as international oil prices in recent days of continuous decline also contributed to the domestic wholesale price of refined oil were relaxed. This, the Chinese gas station network editor Huangshun Jing said that the current domestic oil products wholesale and retail prices may be lower prices per ton of space between the 400 and 500 yuan per liter that can be converted into space for price cuts hair in the 34 or so, the wholesale prices should be gradually reduced, the future will be to various stations greater scope for price reductions.