Mobile Wholesalers

Chinese Wholesalers China's mobile phone sales channels are poised for change, with the mobile phone chains, the rapid growth of home appliance chain stores, direct marketing and direct supply
Model should be born, once dominated China's mobile phone sales channels, the decline of traditional agents seems to be aristocratic; in particular, with the 3G era approaches, customized mobile phone operators have expanded sales channels to bring about revolutionary impact .3 G era, operators
Providers as mobile phone manufacturers to connect upstream and downstream retail terminals dominate the key to change in the industrial chain, and in this new capacity
Industry chain, traditional sales channels, distributors face the living space within the extrusion. When the retailers have extended upward channel, the crisis of survival faced by the wholesalers how to choose to forsake the mobile phone sales
To find another way out or "the offensive", the channel can sink like a computer, like mobile phones, as a stand-alone consumer electronics
Product has its own channel, or is destined to integrate into the home appliance chain of mobile phone chain with two terminal channels of home appliance chain wrestling
Mobile phone wholesalers and retailers determine a common destiny, channels dispute, the size of everything - size means that the upper reaches of
The bargaining power of firms, the scale means that the operator's appeal, the scale means more sales resources and price advantage, In short, who's bigger, who will be able to break through the bottleneck of capital and growth, becoming channels for competition winners. A competitive market
In the operator's weight will forever be imposed on the strong side!