Wan Jia clothing wholesale market

Chinese Wholesalers

Clothing Wholesale Plaza, Guangzhou Vanguard ranked Shahe, Guangzhou City, the center of garment wholesale business district, is the large-scale professional clothing to the wholesale market, the South China region's most professional cowboy clothing distribution center, each year from China and around the world to accept clothing wholesaler more than a million passengers. Vanguard clothing wholesale Square was built in 1996, in which traffic location, very convenient transport and logistics, after decades of expansion, elections, integration, today has become a highly acclaimed set of commercial passenger traffic, logistics, information flow in one of the new type of clothing wholesale market.

Vanguard clothing wholesale Square business area of over 50000 square meters, more than 1,200 rooms combined shops, more than 400 multi-function commercial office space, 8,000 square meters large parking lot, in the Vanguard clothing wholesale plaza with a professional shipping company and dedicated cargo handling area for the customers to provide quality and efficient cargo flow services.

All ground floor shops the market for duplex two-layer structure, layout and reasonable. Square-channel wide, clear layout. The first floor main operating trousers, sports apparel and fashion underwear series-based, while the cowboy is a large-scale wholesale clothing, wholesale volume of the nation's largest.

Business District is located in the market two or three storeys, its decorative design combines the art of Chinese and Western architectural essence, transparent and bright, wide vision, lined with hundreds of co-decorated highly personalized business office, in order to come to the merchants involved in the procurement negotiation creating a pleasant comfortable business operating environment, merchants can also look at the scene kind of order, the spot wholesale, Missionary cargo, on-line information exchange, electronic banking transactions such as e-commerce activities.